Two heroes in action gear stand in a weapons room. Hero 1 holds a big gun.

Hero 1: Let’s surround the monster and shoot it with our laser rifles.

Hero 2: We can’t. It’s immune to lasers.

Hero 1: Huh. Machine guns then.

Hero 2: It’s also immune to bullets.

Hero 1: Well then, what will kill it?

Hero 1 is wearing a top that has been ripped to shreds. They have several artfully placed bleeding cuts, and a scrap of torn cloth is tied around their forehead.

Hero 2: While the monster admires your abs, grab a shard of glass from a recently broken window. Then when it lifts you in the air by your neck, you can finally stab it in the face.

Hero 1: How about I improvise a weapon that shoots glass shards?

Hero 2: No, it’s immune to glass shards.

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