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A Thinking Cap This Isn’t

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In the game, Farid’s character, wearing an army helmet, is attacked by a reptilian monster.

Emma: A scaled thing with scalpel claws leaps upon you from the abyss.

Farid, out of game, grins and points to his head.

Farid: Good thing I’m wearing that helmet I found. Gives me two points of armor.

Tash: Wait, how does your helmet give you armor over your entire body?

Farid: Oh, you know…

In the game, Farid pulls the helmet down by its straps. The creature claws at it and tries to bite it with increasing frustration.

Tash: Oh, like Wonder Woman’s arm cuffs?

Farid: Exactly!

Emma: No.



  1. Sara

    AHAH! This one killed me but this is quite true, even in some “epic fights” in books they made this mistake

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Fiction has a weird relationship with armor. A lot of authors and film writers seem very committed to convincing us that wearing armor is just useless.

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