In the game, Emma stands atop a castle wall while Farid pulls up a big cage on a wagon. The cage’s interior is dark.

Emma: Farid, stop messing around! The weasel army is almost here!

Farid: But this is for the weasel army!

Farid opens the cage to reveal a swarm of enormous spiders.

Farid: Behold, my army! It’s okay, I saw in the book that you can use Insectrist to train spiders.

At the table, Emma looks incredulous.

Emma: Can he really do that?

Tash: Only if he rolls well.

Farid rolls the dice, only to have a bunch of 1’s and 2’s come up.

Farid: Uh oh… what does that mean?

In the game, Emma and Farid are overrun by spiders!

Emma: Death by spiders, that’s a new one.

Farid: But they got the weasels too, right?

Tash: And that’s a wrap. Good game everyone.

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