Emma GMs for Tash and Farid.

Emma: You follow the dark shape into the swamp. It’s silhouette changes each time you get a glimpse, first a towering beast, then an indistinct stain. Deep in the swamp it vanishes from view, leaving only shallow marks in the sucking mud.

In the game, Tash and Farid’s characters stand in knee-deep muck, surrounded by scraggly trees and indistinct tracks.

Tash: Drat, we lost it!

Farid: It’s ok, we can follow the tracks.

Emma [out of game]: Roll Track.

Farid: Oh… I forgot to take that skill.

Tash: Guess we’re out of luck.

In the game, Farid crouches in the muck, holding up a magnifying glass.

Farid: Hang on, let me try something. I do have a really high Spot Hidden. So, can I spot any hidden tracks?

Tash: Hehe… Well played.

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