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A Ludicrous Plan


Hero 1 is giving a rousing speech to Hero 2. A castle is visible in the background between some trees. 

Hero 1: No longer will we suffer the evil sorceress to steal the very heads off our shoulders and put those still-living heads in her terrariums for sport! The time to act is now.

Hero 1 points toward the castle. 

Hero 1: To defeat her, we must sneak into the fortress past 50 guards, then bypass her 100 traps in 8 minutes, and steal her power crystal from under her bed while she sleeps.

Hero 2 turns to Hero 1 incredulously. Hero 1 remains confident. 

Hero 2: That plan is ludicrous!

Hero 1: So ludicrous it just might work.

Later, both heroes are living heads in a leafy terrarium on a desk. Hero 2 looks furious. 



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … a 1 in 1000 isn’t as rare as one might think, but that was more of a 1 in 1438. Those aren’t odds you should trust to

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