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A Little Thing Called Love


A human woman is sitting at her kitchen table when a little green alien appears in a beam of light.

Alien: Don’t be scared! I’m not here to abduct you. I’m here to teach you about a little something we call loooove!

Human: I’m pretty sure I already know about –

The alien drops what looks like a tiny fluff ball with large cute eyes on the table.

Human: What is that?

Alien: It’s a little something, and we call it Love.

Later, the human is having a romantic candlelit dinner, staring intently at the fluff ball in the palm of her hand. A suitor carrying red roses is nearby, looking shocked and dismayed.

Human: Go away, Kevin.



  1. Jeppsson

    I love this one!

  2. Cay Reet


    I really love this one and now I want one, too.

  3. Leon

    Kill it with fire.

  4. Sunny

    Tribbles anyone?

  5. Bryan

    Not enough feathers. Lowest Score possible (It is ridiculously cute however).

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