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A Leaf, but Not on the Wind


At the table, Emma is describing the scene to Tash.

Emma: The Fae Hound is gaining on you, Tash. You feel its unearthly baying like a soreness in your bones.

Tash: I’ll use my Autumn powers to transform into a pile of leaves. There are so many on the ground already it’ll lose my scent.

In the game, Tash falls apart into a shower of leaves. The fey hound runs past her new form. 

At the table, Tash looks pleased with herself.

Farid: Pretty sweet move.

Emma: Don’t get too confident. Remember how the ground was already covered in leaves?

In the game, a mortal rakes up Tash’s leaves into a garbage bag on the sidewalk.  

Tash: Any chance I can get the Hound to come back?



  1. karen b. kaplan

    I did not see that coming. A case of pick your poison when it’s too late. I most enjoyed musing over the artwork of the person gradually converting into leaves.

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