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A Hero’s Path


The hero and mentor look at a colorful glowing orb.

Mentor: The orb says you must bring it to the planet Hyphex.

Hero: Why?

Mentor: It can’t tell you that. But it does say to “keep faith during dark phases.”

The mentor puts their hand on the hero’s shoulder.

Hero: If it can say that, why can’t it just tell me why I need to go there?

Mentor: It can only show you the path – you have to walk it.

On Hyphex, an alien embraces the glowing orb while the hero stands nearby.

Alien: Orbie! So nice of you to visit. Is this your courier? Should I pay him?

Orb: I’ll just tell him he’s gained experience points.



  1. Jeppsson

    Your comics are hilarious!

  2. Cay Reet

    I love Orbie!

    Fun comic, as always, Bunny and Chris.

  3. Star of Hope

    Couldn’t the Authors of this poorly thought-out comic make the Orb not knowledgeable about the purpose of this mission or being as much clueless as the hero? The Mentor could have been dead or also not entirety Knowledgeable about this?

    The movie “Eden” in Netflix all but subverted this trope, you should watch it.

    (Note: I get the joke and it’s funny, I just wanted to add my humor into it as well as advertise “Eden”. If you found it funny please tell me, then I would not have to write such notes in the future.)

  4. captain chameleon

    Aww! That’s so cute! I love the last panel. Great comic

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