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A Gun for Zombie

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This comic contains minor spoilers for The Voyage, but major plot points have been changed to preserve the mystery.


In the game, Emma and Farid are running down a ship’s corridor, the “zombies” in hot pursuit. 

Farid: The zombies are everywhere!

Emma: Let’s hide in here, the key in my pocket matches the room number.

Emma opens the door to room 251. Inside the cabin there are guns everywhere, on the bed, the dresser, the counter, everywhere. 

Farid: Wow. That’s a lot of guns.

Farid slams the door shut as the zombies pound on the other side. Emma goes over to the bed covered in guns. 

Farid: Damn, the zombies are already at the door. And NO, we STILL can’t shoot them.

Emma: Why would my character smuggle all these guns onto a cruise ship if NOT to shoot zombies?


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