In the game, Tash and Farid’s characters fly in a biplane.

Tash: There’s an air field below. I’m going to take us down for a landing.

Emma [out of game]: Roll Pilot.

Farid: Why? There’s not a cloud in the sky and the runway is all clear. Does she really have to roll for it?

Tash: The book demands a roll for every landing.

Tash rolls. Her dice come up as zeros.

Farid: Yikes, a fumble.

Tash: What does that mean?

In the game, the biplane plummets to the ground in a smoky crash.

Emma: Ouch.

Tash drifts down on a parachute, Farid clinging to one of her legs.

Farid: Wait, if you have to roll for every landing, and there’s always a 1/100 chance for a crash, that means…

Tash: It means that next time, we take the car.

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