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A Clever Deception

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In the game, Emma and Farid stand before an angry raccoon. The raccoon menaces them with an enormous spear.

Tash: The angry raccoon demands to know why you’ve violated its territory.

Emma: No problem, I’ll use my Deceiver skill to make it think we’re not actually in its territory.

Farid: Does Deceiver work for any kind of lying?

At the table, Emma explains the rules.

Emma: Yep. The description says you can use it for “half-truths, ugly truth, soothing platitudes,” and so on.

Farid: Wait, you can use Deceiver to tell an ugly truth? How does that work?

In the game, the raccoon is very upset. Emma and Farid flee in glee.  

Raccoon: It doesn’t! It’s an oxymoron!

Emma: Ugly truth, it’s in the rule!

Farid: Haha, you’ve been deceived!



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