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Resolved and Composed


In the game, Farid prances in victory while Tash pokes the fallen ogre with a stick growing from her hand. Emma’s text appears in a voice over.

Emma: …after your “victory” in the duel, it’s time to end this session.

At the table, Farid is still celebrating. Tash looks at her character sheet. 

Emma: You’ve both earned four experience points.

Tash: I’ve finally got enough points to raise an attribute. But should I raise Resolve or Composure?

Emma looks in the book. 

Emma: Let’s see. It says Resolve is “the focus and determination to see your character’s will done,” and Composure is “the capacity to remain calm and unfazed in social and threatening situations.”

Tash: Those sound nearly identical.

Tash frowns at her character sheet. 

Farid: And they’re both added together to make the Willpower stat.

Emma: They’re very similar, just pick one.

Tash gives Emma a mischievous look.

Tash: But should I resolve to pick Composure, or compose a reason to pick Resolve?

Emma glares at Tash.

Emma: I’m about to fail a Willpower roll and take your experience points away.



  1. Bronze Dog

    Last night, had a player in our Star Wars game complain about Cool versus Discipline, since we had to roll to make sure we looked calm despite being up to something, and for some reason, Cool isn’t a career skill for Hired Gun/Mercenary Soldier, but Discipline is.

  2. James

    Is there an RSS feed for the comics?

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