In the game, Farid stands across from an ogre type fairy, the Summer Seneschal, who has sweet tattoos and bulging muscles. Emma’s words appear in a voice over.

Emma: The Summer Seneschal takes offense at your words and challenges you to a duel.

Farid: Finally, someone’s speaking my language. Now to choose a weapon.

Cut to Farid and Tash in an armory full of weapons. Farid is looks at a big longsword, Tash offers him an even bigger axe.

Farid: Hmm. I like my rapier, but this longsword gives more dice.

Tash: This axe gives even more dice.

Farid: Good point, I’ll take that one.

Tash offers a clamor. 

Tash: This great sword gives even more dice.

Farid raises a hand. 

Farid: No. Give me the biggest weapon with the most dice.

At the table, Emma rolls her eyes while Tash buries her nose in the book. 

Emma: You’re forgetting strength requirements. There’s no way you can wield a weapon that heavy.

Farid: Don’t worry, I have a plan.

Cut back to the fight. Farid is holding a comically oversized sword. He wins by dropping it on his opponent. 

Treat your friends to an evening of dark ritual murder. In a fictional game scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and save the day in our stand-alone game, The Voyage.

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