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Bowed but Not Broken

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In the game, Tash and Emma are thrown out of an inn, tomatoes hurled after them. Emma shakes her fist.

Innkeeper: Get out of here, you lousy deadbeat adventurers!

Emma: Ungrateful sods!

Emma and Tash land in a heap. 

Tash: The townsfolk do not seem impressed with us as adventurers. Perhaps it is because I only have a dagger to my name.

Emma points at a shop sign.

Emma:  That merchant has bows for sale if you think a better weapon would help.

They enter the shop. Tash looks at the bows longingly, while the merchant eyes them both suspiciously. 

Tash: They’re very nice, but too expensive, and I shall not stoop to theft.

Merchant: Just what this town needs, more adventurers. Spending all your money on wine and lamp oil, never doing anything useful. Get out of my shop!

Emma throws a tomato in the merchant’s face while Tash grabs the bow and they run for it. 

Tash: Never mind, I’ve discovered a new appreciation for stooping.



  1. Tiberia

    This “arc” of the comic hasn’t really made me want to play torchbearer. Seem like a bit of a slog.

    • Cay Reet

      If I remember it right, they’re currently playing D&D.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Just to clarify, this current arc is about Torchbearer. It’s definitely not a game for everyone.

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