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34 – The G_M Can Always Do a Party Wipe. Or Can They?





  1. Chris Winkle

    Why is there an underscore in “G_M”? It’s a strange way to abbreviate game master.

  2. Jack Marshall

    It’s a play on the way God is written in a lot of modern Jewish text, G_d or G-d. That’s done so you won’t throw God away when you chuck the text, for those who put stock in that kind of symbolism. It always catches my eye.

    I’ve loved the metaphorical (or allegorical?) quality of roll playing games, that you’re a character played by an “oversoul” with an acting deity in charge. I think it’s a great way to see life and all its ups and downs (wouldn’t want the play to be boring, right?). Looking at it that way, popular creation theories (Garden of Eden, for example) can seem a lot like an RPG set-up. They certainly don’t make sense in any other context (don’t eat the apple, yeah right!).

    Hence G_M, a nod to an acting Game-Master of the Universe, dwelling in a reality we can’t possibly conceive of without meta-gaming. Or it could all be crap, but I’m going to have fun with it regardless. If there is a Great Game Master (I like that, GGM!) out there, I’m sure a sense of humor is an essential part of the job.

    So obscure humor though it might be, I couldn’t resist the analogy.

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