At the table, Farid holds the book open so Tash and Emma can look at it. 

Farid: Time to pick your starting gear. Fill your packs with items you’ll need in the deep dungeons.

Tash: Wow, mirrors are expensive.

Emma gets an evil grin, and Farid looks worried.

Emma: And we can fill our packs with anything on this list?

Faird: Yes, but trying to minmax can have some nasty consequences.

Emma: It’ll be fine!

In the game, Emma and Tash stand before a group of villagers, loaded down with mirrors for sale.

Emma: Emma and Tash, Mirror Merchants at your service.

A villager points and shouts in alarm.

Villager: Goblin attack!

Goblins rush through, smashing mirrors and harassing the villagers. Emma and Tash hide in a barrel. 

Tash: How many years bad luck is that?

Emma: Maybe we could get a do-over on starting gear?

Treat your friends to an evening of ritual murder – in a fictional RPG scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and escape a supernatural menace in our one-shot adventure, The Voyage.

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