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Leafy Greens

At the table, Emma opens the book while Farid and Tash look on. 

Emma: First, you must choose your Seeming and your Court. How has the magic of Arcadia changed you, and what season do you most identify with?

In the game, Farid has become a  stag-centaur, standing in sunlight, his sword out, his antlers and hooves showing.

Farid: My character was transformed into a stag by the True Fae so they could hunt him with each new dawn. He retains the aristocratic nature of his captors but has joined the Summer court to nurture his Wrath.

Tash stands in shadow, her limbs transformed into long and spindly branches.

Tash: My character was planted as a tree and cut down over and over again to provide paper for a Fae library. Her roots grew deep in the soil of knowledge, and she has joined the Autumn court so that she might repay her debt of fear to Arcadia.

Farid takes a bite from one of Tash’s leaves. 

Farid: Your leaves are really dry.

Tash: Dude.

Farid: What? A stag’s gotta eat!



  1. Cay Reet

    I really didn’t see that last panel coming. LOL.

    Great comic, as always.

  2. Bronze Dog

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this series, since I’ve been eternally putting together a Changeling game. I’m really fond of the concept.

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