In the game, great and terrible Cthulhu rises out of the ocean in all his tentacled glory. Emma speaks in a voice-over.

Emma: Out of the sea he rises, the Dreamer of R’lyeh, Hierophant of the Old Ones, the Dragon of Revelation, Great Cthulhu! Roll Sanity!

At the table, Farid and Tash both fail their rolls.

Tash and Farid: Fail.

Emma: Bwahahaha! The truth of his horrible existence is too much for your puny minds! You will both lose a d100 of sanity!

Emma rolls a d100, and it comes to rest showing a 1.

Farid: Well? How much did we lose?

Emma: …One. You each lose one sanity.

In the game, Tash and Farid take fun of Cthulhu as the elder god floats in the background.

Farid: I guess a dreaming unspeakable horror isn’t so bad after all.

Tash: He looks like of cute if you ask me.

At the table, Emma rubs her hands together like she has a scheme.

Farid: Don’t feel bad, Emma. Sometimes even a d100 rolls badly.

Emma: You’re forgetting another very important roll the Dreamer makes.

Tash: What’s that?

In the game, Great Cthulhu feeds both Farid and Tash into his maw. Emma’s words appear in a voice-over.

Emma: He devours 1d3 investigators per round.

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