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Time to Go Home


A child protagonist sits on a mushroom throne in elaborate overly large garb and a huge scepter. A wise sage stands before the throne, pointing to a portal through which the child’s bedroom is visible.

Sage: Now that you have saved the kingdom, the mystic gateway has opened one last time. We must bid you farewell as you return to your own land.

Child: But this is my land now! And it’s awesome. I’m gonna stay and rule.

Sage, frowning: No, child, it’s time for you to use your new found wisdom and bravery to overcome the fearsome foes of school and family life.

Child: I won’t need to if I don’t go back.

Sage, looking desperate: Think of your parents. They’ll miss you.

Child: Oh. You’re right. I need to go home.

Dorky parents appear at the portal entrance with suitcases.

Dad: Wow, looks cozy over there! Hope there’s enough mush-room for us?

Child: Yay!

Sage: *Sob*

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  1. Jeppsson

    I mean, this is what happened in the sequel books in the Wizard of Oz series. Dorothy’s aunt and uncle come with her to live in Oz instead of crappy Kansas.

  2. Erynus

    It was probably someone trying to cling to a throne what put the kingdom in danger in the first place.
    Seems that they need a new Chosen One.

    • Julia

      The latest Chosen One, here to supplant the previous Chosen One.

  3. Bellis

    I’d want to stay a mushroom monarch too!

  4. CJ

    Ngl, but why don’t they do this? The hero should rule the kingdom they saved, it’d make sense, if the current monarch is too weak and needs a military might to rule. This is exactly what happened in Rome, the governors were too weak to hold any true power and thus employed the Roman soldiers, then the soldiers rebelled because they’re actually smart and took over.

  5. LeeEsq

    Dealing with the life of somebody from our world who gets sent to fantasy land to save the day but has to return to regular earth, permanently, would be a real fascinating story. How does one return to a normal developed world life after getting exposed to fantastical adventures?

  6. LeeEsq

    People still use suit cases without wheels?

    • Lucy

      To be fair, to doesn’t look like a wheelie case would help much in the mushroom jungle.

    • Raillery

      It’s an obsolescent device revived as a personal fashion statement, like having a phone that’s over five years old.

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