Six Character Archetypes for Love Interests

Korra and Asami kissing.

When designing a romance, the first choice you’ll need to make is who the love interest is. That choice will heavily influence what makes the romance appealing, the type of chemistry between the love interest and protagonist, and what obstacles the romance might have to … read more »

How to Plot a Novel Series

Harry Potter fights off a giant Basilisk at the end of book two

Over the years, we’ve received many questions about how to plot multiple books. The answer is surprisingly simple: story structure is the same no matter the scale. However, reader expectations about story continuity do change a little when the story is broken into different books, … read more »

Five Common Reasons Tension Is Missing

kitten yawning over book

You’ve added lots of conflict to your story, but readers are still telling you it’s boring. What gives? Unfortunately, a number of different things can cause this problem. To help you troubleshoot, let’s go over some common reasons that tension might be missing. Read more »

Six Tips for Avoiding Repetitive Conflict

Two hartebeests fighting for territory.

Conflict is, as we never get tired of saying, critical to stories. It’s what creates stakes, tension, and satisfaction, what keeps us turning the page to see what happens next. But have you ever felt like you were reading the same conflict over and over … read more »

Five Questions to Diagnose an Overpowered Hero

Krillin from Dragon Ball Z making an annoyed face.

Here at Mythcreants, we talk a lot about overpowered characters and the consequences they can have for your story. If you’ve read our previous articles, then you already understand the issue, but how you can you spot it? After all, few storytellers set out to … read more »

How to Use Failure in Your Story

Even in the lightest, most upbeat of stories, heroes shouldn’t succeed every time. Failure is really important, both for keeping the plot unpredictable and for maintaining tension. If the protagonist never fails, then it’s likely to be a dull story indeed. However, failure also carries … read more »

The Four Essentials of an Effective Character Arc

Yennefer from The Witcher, a beautiful woman with violet eyes, bright red lips, and a fancy black eyemask

Even though a character arc works much like any other plot arc, when subjective character feelings and motivation are added to the mix, storytellers often have trouble. To help you evaluate and improve such issues, let’s go over the four basic requirements of a character … read more »

Ten Ways to Keep Authorities Out of Your Plot

Stories need problems to solve and heroes to solve them, which sounds simple enough at first. But then you realize that in most settings, there are authorities whose job is to stop these problems. They might be police officers, teachers at a magic school, or … read more »