Six Ways Roleplaying Games Approach Death

A female death touching an old man's head.

We talk a lot about how GMs and players should handle character death, but what about the rules themselves? Richard was curious, so he asked us this question: I was wondering – how do different games handle the accidental or chance death of a character? … read more »

Anima Prime Is Elegant and Exciting

A woman in a meadow with butterflies.

Today is a good day, for I bring news of an excellent game. Anima Prime* is a roleplaying game from way back in 2011, designed by Christian Griffen and produced by Berengad Games. Its stated goal is to emulate the high-action, wuxia-inspired style of shows … read more »

The One Ring Is a Mixed Bag

Heroes in battle against orcs.

Roleplaying in Middle-earth has a long history, both in homebrew mods and in licensed games. The most recent official entry is The One Ring, by Cubicle 7. These are the same people who’ve brought us the Doctor Who and Laundry Files roleplaying games, so they … read more »