Four Systems for Inexperienced Game Masters

So you’re a new game master. Maybe you’ve been a player for a while and want to take a seat behind the screen, or maybe you’ve never played at all and this whole “collaborative storytelling” thing sounds fun. What system are you going to choose? … read more »

How to Evaluate a Roleplaying Game

I’ve spoken before about what makes a setting good for roleplaying, and I’ve reviewed a number of roleplaying systems here on the blog, so it’s time to lay out what makes the system itself good or bad. While each system is a unique snowflake, several factors … read more »

Six Concepts To Keep Your Party Together

The main characters from the Fellowship of the Ring

Most roleplaying games work best if your PCs stick together. It’s possible to run a game where half the party is in New York and the other half is in Hong Kong, but it’s much simpler if they stay within close geographic proximity. Unfortunately, players … read more »

Six Ways Roleplaying Games Approach Death

A female death touching an old man's head.

We talk a lot about how GMs and players should handle character death, but what about the rules themselves? Richard was curious, so he asked us this question: I was wondering – how do different games handle the accidental or chance death of a character? … read more »