Six Concepts To Keep Your Party Together

The main characters from the Fellowship of the Ring

Most roleplaying games work best if your PCs stick together. It’s possible to run a game where half the party is in New York and the other half is in Hong Kong, but it’s much simpler if they stay within close geographic proximity. Unfortunately, players … read more »

Six Ways Roleplaying Games Approach Death

A female death touching an old man's head.

We talk a lot about how GMs and players should handle character death, but what about the rules themselves? Richard was curious, so he asked us this question: I was wondering – how do different games handle the accidental or chance death of a character? … read more »

Anima Prime Is Elegant and Exciting

A woman in a meadow with butterflies.

Today is a good day, for I bring news of an excellent game. Anima Prime* is a roleplaying game from way back in 2011, designed by Christian Griffen and produced by Berengad Games. Its stated goal is to emulate the high-action, wuxia-inspired style of shows … read more »