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How Can I Spot Bad Faith Critique?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello! I was wondering: how do you tell when criticism of a controversial/mediocre/problematic work is misogynistic or racist? I remember that when The Force Awakens and the Ghostbusters reboot came out, there was a lot of controversy between people panning the films, defenders claiming the … read more »

How Can I Judge if a Story Is Bad?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello! How are you? I have been watching some of my absolute FAVORITE shows, and the fandom seems to be torn over the show’s writing. In all honesty, the writing tends to be hit or miss – but some people say it’s absolutely horrible. How … read more »

How Can I Keep Luck Charms From Breaking My Story?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hey, Mythcreants! One of the many story ideas brewing in my head is a sort of magic system revolving entirely around good luck charms and talismans. Basically, you possess an enchanted artifact that manipulates probability in your favor, making them highly sought after by adventurers. … read more »

How Do I Keep My Fictional Disease From Being Ableist?

questions and answer talk bubbles In my fictional world, a disease (possibly affecting the nervous system) was discovered that causes various degrees of physical and mental disabilities. However, rogue scientists find out that certain patients carry no visible sign of the syndrome (they can only be detected with medical tests), … read more »

Can I Add New Characters in a New Book?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hi Mythcreants, After reading “Establishing Important characters”, I have a question. My work is a zombie apocalypse series and has one protagonist. In each book, I introduce some important characters assisting the protagonist. However, they are total strangers the protagonist hasn’t known before, many of … read more »

Is Conspiracy Fiction Harmful?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello mythcreants. Putting mysteries, secret organizations, cabals, betrayal… are all good ways to make engaging stories and glorious plot twists. But sometimes I have the feeling those works of fiction tend to fuel all the conspiracy-nuts and encourage harmful behavior and thinking (rejecting all medias … read more »