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332 – Unusual Settings

The Mythcreant Podcast Castles, spaceships, and high tech cities are all great, but they can get a bit repetitive after a while. Fortunately, despite spec fic existing for centuries (at least) by this point, we’ve still only scratched the surface of all the possible settings out there. Today, … read more »

330 – High Magic Settings

The Mythcreant Podcast You know how the old saying goes: sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a broken setting. Pretty sure it’s something like that. Anyway, this week’s topic is high magic! Specifically, how high magic will affect your world and what problems to look out for. We … read more »

329 – Writers in Stories

The Mythcreant Podcast Writers sometimes struggle to portray other professions in stories, but it turns out they have trouble portraying their own profession as well. Fictional authors are always portrayed as rogue geniuses who love suffering and never practice or revise. Why is that, when it’s so unlike … read more »

327 – What Are Wizards?

The Mythcreant Podcast This week, we’re talking about wizards. Or at least, we were going to, but then we asked what “wizard” means anyway. Naturally, there were some strong opinions. Must wizards arrive precisely when they mean to? Are they defined by staves and point hats? Do they … read more »

326 – Parents in Fiction

The Mythcreant Podcast Parents: Most people have them, but they really get in the way when your underaged hero wants to have dangerous adventures and save the day. Perhaps the parents should just be dead? That’s certainly an option, but there are others, we promise! If handled correctly, … read more »

325 – Ending Lines

The Mythcreant Podcast Last week, we discussed the line that opens your story. Now, we’re talking about the line that ends it. Even the best story must reach its final page eventually, and it’s important to know what that last line is even for. Should it wrap up … read more »

324 – Opening Lines

The Mythcreant Podcast Due to the linear nature of spacetime, stories have to start somewhere. The first line is, by definition, a reader’s first encounter with your story, but is it really as important as all that? Yes and no. This week, we’re talking about opening lines. We … read more »

323 – Plot Twists

The Mythcreant Podcast You thought this episode would have a topic other than plot twists, but, twist, the topic is plot twists! On the one hand, everyone loves a good plot twist. On the other hand, plot twists tend to be one of the most contentious story decisions … read more »