Hilarious Ads, Microscopic Views, and Effective Love Scenes

The web is still recovering from the scandals of last week, but there’s lots of fun to be had: witness the existence of successful female action leads, hide the bodies when your roleplayers aren’t looking, experience the world from the eyes of an insect, and make a Spock for your Kirk. Once your Kirk has a Spock, you can write a love scene for them. Read more »

Utopias, Dystopias, Nuts, and Bolts

If you haven’t already been assaulted by ads, its Geek Week on Youtube; Geek Smash has a roundup. Everyone else got nerdy about using your words. Except the roleplayers; they declined to use any words. Blame Gen Con Read more »

Nerdgasms, Teleportation, and Those Damn Boats

Part 3 of Anita’s series on tropes is out, highly recommended. We also have lots of real-world science this week to inspire your political thrillers, terrifying aliens, and future utopias. P.S. to Charlie Jane Anders: please stop writing so many good articles. Read more »