Five Common Harmful Representations of Disability

Captain Hook from Disney's Peter Pan

Disability is an extremely common human experience. Many people of all ages have disabled bodies, divergent minds, or chronic illnesses. Almost everyone who lives to old age will eventually experience some form of disability. This is why disability is an important experience to include in … read more »

Five Reasons Not to Write a Persecution Flip Story

So you’ve read through all the articles tagged “social justice,” and you’re convinced: Bigotry is wrong. It’s evil. And it leads to lousy writing. You want to do your bit to fight bigotry with your stories. That’s highly commendable. Now you’ve come up with an … read more »

Storytelling’s Terminology Problem

If you surf the web for tips on constructing stories, finding a new source of advice can be like vacationing in a foreign country: everyone speaks a language you don’t know. This is partly because some advice givers want their own patented terms and partly … read more »

Distinguishing Structured and Unstructured Advice

If you’re reading storytelling articles on Mythcreants, there’s a very good chance you’re reading them on other sites. As with most crafts, you might reasonably expect to hop from website to website without issue. No one worries that if they check multiple recipes for the … read more »

Recognizing Bad and Good Storytelling Advice

Writing advice comes at all levels of quality, from enlightening, to helpful in some circumstances, to story-ruining. For an example of all of these, just look at our breakdown of Kurt Vonnegut’s Eight Rules of Writing. Yes, Kurt Vonnegut, a famous writer, had advice that ran … read more »

Why Storytelling Advice Is Such a Mess

Learning most crafts is a fairly straightforward process. Not so with storytelling. While a simple search will give you a plethora of tips and tricks, the fiction industry has no time-tested method of teaching the craft to newcomers. Based on the methods of those who are … read more »