Five Ridiculous Stories About Stories

A rumbled white woman with short hair stares is dismay at her typewriter.

Many storytellers like to comment on storytelling in their stories. That alone isn’t a terrible thing, except so much of this commentary is pompous, harmful to storytellers, completely wrong, or all of the above. These meta messages say a lot about fiction-writing culture, and most … read more »

316 – Prescriptivism

The Mythcreant Podcast

The term “prescriptivism” gets thrown around a lot, often to describe some pretty bad behavior, but what does it really mean? That’s what we’re investigating this week, because we don’t want to be prescriptivist about it. We discuss how language changes depending on context, what … read more »

308 – Fanfiction

The Mythcreant Podcast

Due to a number of prejudices and misunderstandings, a lot of people don’t understand what fanfiction is or how it works. Today, we aim to fix that. We talk about what makes something fanfiction, why most of the negativity around it is unearned, and what … read more »

How Should I Portray a Vengeful Hero?

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Hello Mythcreants I am back. I want to ask if portraying Vengeance as something that can be good is inherently bad. In many stories Vengeance is vilified as evil and more often than not it’s expected that they have to grant forgiveness to the bullies … read more »