Social Justice Concepts for Storytellers

1 - Understanding Character Representation

Simple counting is all it takes to realize our stories feature some groups of people way more often than others. This inequality must change, but the process of correcting this imbalance can be confusing and intimidating. While it will take more than one article to … read more »

2 - Understanding Exploitative Plots

Last time, I described why it’s important to have diverse characters that represent people with marginalized traits. I also described how storyteller carelessness can sabotage attempts at representation. However, many storytellers not only add characters to represent marginalized groups but also choose to make their … read more »

3 - Understanding Appropriative Worldbuilding

Previously, I’ve dived into important considerations when creating characters to represent marginalized people and writing plots about their experiences. Now it’s time to discuss using other cultures in worldbuilding and the big bogey therein: cultural appropriation.