Setting Your Story's Direction

1 - Establishing Important Characters

A woman and cat drop out of a hole in the air A story is not the people or things in it, or even the events that occur. It is a fully-expressed person, facing a particular set of challenges, operating within a specific worldview. When you don’t fully understand your story, it’s difficult to find the right … read more »

2 - Establishing and Satisfying Plot Threads

A kid reads in a bed, unaware the shadow behind them outlines a monster and that glowing lights are under their bed You might know the characters, themes, and setting in your story, but do you know which hooks are motivating your readers to continue? Each hook creates an open plot thread; readers are pulled in because they want to see them conclude. If you mix up … read more »

3 - Establishing and Transitioning Atmosphere

A person walks down a path into a place with bright and colorful clouds In previous posts in this series, I discussed setting and meeting expectations for your story’s characters and plot threads. Now I’ll be discussing one last component: what I like to call a story’s worldview.