Mastering the Creeps

1 - Creeping Out Your Audience

In film, it’s easy startle your audience. The soundtrack primes your subconscious with a feeling of dread, and then WHAM!, you’re hit with an unexpected sound or visual that makes you jump. Giving an audience the creeps…well, that takes a little more work, but film … read more »

2 - Use Visuals to Creep Out Your Players

Most seasoned game masters will agree that visual aids are a great way to immerse your players in your campaign world. A printout of the Lightning Rail, or a diagram showing, to scale, a Sky Squid alongside the player’s starship are just a couple of ways … read more »

3 - Using Creepy Music Cues in Your Roleplaying Session

Your adventure is planned, the maps are ready, and you’ve even managed to prepare some great props for your next gaming session. Are you still looking for something more? Want something new to grab your players’ attention and refocus them when the action is about to start?