Oren Ashkenazi

Oren is a grumpy old man whose physical age hasn’t quite caught up with him, at least that’s what the kids who won’t get off his lawn keep saying. He’s been into roleplaying games since he was knee-high to a d10, and into prose writing for nearly as long. He loves stories and games that push the envelope of storytelling, like the Discworld series and the RPG Primetime Adventures. He’s also a huge Star Trek fan, though his rants on the mistakes of Voyager and Enterprise might make you think otherwise.


How Can I Spot Bad Faith Critique?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello! I was wondering: how do you tell when criticism of a controversial/mediocre/problematic work is misogynistic or racist? I remember that when The Force Awakens and the Ghostbusters reboot came out, there was a lot of controversy between people panning the films, defenders claiming the … read more »

Five Stories With Weak Stakes

A glowing ant with fungal tendrils from Agents of Dreamland cover art. Stories need conflict, and stakes are what make the conflict matter. They represent the bad things that will happen if the hero doesn’t win the day. Without proper stakes, stories have no tension. Who cares if the hero wins when there’s nothing riding on it? … read more »

How Can I Judge if a Story Is Bad?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hello! How are you? I have been watching some of my absolute FAVORITE shows, and the fandom seems to be torn over the show’s writing. In all honesty, the writing tends to be hit or miss – but some people say it’s absolutely horrible. How … read more »