Jessica Lee


Should Your Fantasy World Resemble Earth?

Fantasy worldbuilders usually start with an extensive foundation – the Earth. They then add geographical, cultural and magical details on top.  Most fantasy worlds have fantastical elements made possible by the presence of magic, but are still basically Earth underneath. On the other hand, you could create a world that … read more »

How to Create a Simple Language

By its nature, speculative fiction takes us to strange new worlds, and with strange new worlds comes the potential for strange new languages. This probably brings to mind Tolkien’s Elvish languages or Marc Okrand’s Klingon. These are such rich, lifelike languages that they give an … read more »

Know How Your Magic Works

Magic is a cornerstone of fantasy. A good place to start when creating a magic system is to ask yourself some questions about how the magic works. Knowing the answers to the following questions is integral to building a cohesive world.