Dash Buck

Dash was the primary copy editor for the first year and change of the Mythcreants blog. They have been known to contribute articles or guest on the podcast during unusual planetary alignments. In 2017 they started narrating stories, and in 2018 took over the audio editing for them. Dash enjoys discussing stories, snuggling their cats, playing video games, and reading entire novels in a sitting.


Three Writing Exercises for Better Characters

A renaissance painting of a woman showing her child a book. Characters can be tricky to pin down – or even write correctly in the first place. Some lucky writers have characters that are willing to sit down and chat with them. Others can slip themselves into their character’s shoes without much difficulty. If you’re having … read more »

Four Ways to Limit Magic & Technology

A DoD photo of a robot trying to open a door. While powerful spells and gadgets are fun to imagine, they can do serious harm to a story. Once you add a transporter or summon giant eagles, it becomes too easy for the protagonists to overcome challenges. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the impact of … read more »

Avoiding the Planet of Hats

Worldbuilding is a time-consuming process. There’s all of those governments to decide on, flora and fauna to develop, architecture to design… and when you have to do it for planet after planet in your spacefaring adventure, well, who has the time? Certainly not the writers … read more »

Three Ways to Plot With Index Cards

It can be tough to pull together the plot for a novel. There’s a lot that goes into it, and it’s hard to make sure that you have it all straight in your head before you start writing. Sometimes the only way to be sure … read more »