Chris Winkle

Chris is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mythcreants. On the side she also designs, codes, and writes stories. When she manages to escape from chronic workaholism, she likes to drink tea, wear funny hats, pet kitties, and crush her enemies at the game table.


Six Ways to Add Stakes to a Mystery

Three Lego figures dressed in detective costumes. Mysteries are great fun, but even a murder case doesn’t create much tension by default. If someone’s dead, the worst has already happened to them, and getting justice isn’t typically urgent. Plus, whatever the villain wants to accomplish by the murder is usually unknown in … read more »

How Can I Keep Luck Charms From Breaking My Story?

questions and answer talk bubbles Hey, Mythcreants! One of the many story ideas brewing in my head is a sort of magic system revolving entirely around good luck charms and talismans. Basically, you possess an enchanted artifact that manipulates probability in your favor, making them highly sought after by adventurers. … read more »