A heart framing a purple space scene with a planet and moon

‘Tis the season for lovey-dovey notes, so we’ve written one to all the people who’ve helped us stay afloat. After all, we get to feel the love all year as our wonderful patrons donate their hard-earned gold coins to keep Mythcreants going. To show our gratitude, this year we’ve gathered the finest animated gifs from our favorite speculative fiction stories.

Without our supporters, we’d go snap and dissolve right outta existence.

Thanos snaps his fingers and the screen fades to white

Getting a new supporter is like catching the snitch and getting a whopping 150 points.

Everything else that just happened seems unimportant in comparison, but we’re not going to complain.

Harry Potter realizes that he's caught the snitch and smiles

Your support is to us like bones are to Baby Yoda.

Whether we take a little sip at a time or swallow it whole, it helps us grow strong.

Baby Yoda swallows a frog whole

You make us feel like Odo from DS9 when he dissolves into a lake of oozy shapeshifters.

We’re no longer alone; now we’re part of the Great Link.

Odo shapeshifts his head as a rock flies through it In his Tux, Odo says goodbye as he steps into a golden lake

When people come to tear us down for having critical thoughts, you all swoop in like Eowyn killing the Witch King.

Eowyn takes her helmet off: I am no man. Eowyn stabs the witch king through his helmet

Working together, we’ll get #JusticeForBarb

And all the other marginalized characters buried before their time.

Barb from Stranger Things waggles her eyebrows

To every supporter, Happy Valentine’s Day.

To everyone else, come join our sappy heart parade by becoming a patron or making a one-time gift.

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