A heart framing a purple space scene with a planet and moon

It’s that time of year when all the red and pink hearts come out – snow-covered edition! In the tradition of sending cheesy love notes to those we admire, Mythcreants is taking this opportunity to tell our supporters how much you mean to us. And we’re making it alphabet style!

Patrons and gift-givers, this is for you.

A is for the Adamantium claws we imagine you use to defeat your enemies, because you are so kickass.

B is for how Broken the patronage ability is compared to the other ways of making ends meet in this Blogging game. Not Balanced at all.

C is for Conflict, something that’s critical to storytelling but that we’d rather keep out of our bank accounts. Thanks for being our peacekeepers!

D is the hoard of sparkly Dice we keep just to give to you.

E is for our Enjoyment Every time we see one of you has given us a gift, become our patron, or increased your pledge.

F is for the Fantasy stories you help us publish.

G is for the Generosity of our Geeky Gift-Givers.

H is for the Happiness we feel when we think about how people have decided to spend their precious dollars supporting our work.

I is for the Icy weather outside right now, which we can avoid by staying inside and writing articles for you.

J is for the Jump past our $500 milestone!

K is for the Klingon blood that must run through your veins.

L is for the Love of great stories, positive messages, and well-reasoned criticism that you share with us.

M is for Magic. Rational or arbitrary, soft or hard, we couldn’t write about it without you.

N is for the Narrator, thanking you for your contribution in first, second, and third person.

O is for how Overpowered we’ll be thanks to your support.

P is for our Patrons of course, our very favorite People!

Q is for Quantum tachyon field that we run your gifts through, increasing their power.

R is for the weekly Ramble we write for you, thrown on Patreon without copy editing, but that you always thank us for anyway.

S is for the Social justice posts under Siege from regressive commenters. Thanks for keeping us provisioned so we can outlast the horde!

T is for making a Time jump forward and seeing that Mythcreants is still online in five years, because of you.

U is for the Undead, great for evil monsters and hot romance interests alike! We may or may not have used your contributions to raise an army of them.

V is for the Valentine we have an excuse to make because we have a wonderful community of people to give it to.

W is for the Warm glow we get from every new gift, and also for Wererats. They may be small, but in a group they are powerful.

X is for an X-ray gun, because this letter almost always stands for X-ray in an alphabet and we’re pretty sure our awesome supporters wouldn’t want us to break tradition now.

Y is for You, a generous person who understands Y we should all support the content we want to see online.

Z is for helping us make fun of Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander from Sword of Truth, of Sword of Truth itself, and of every other story that’s taken too seriously.

In all seriousness, thank you for everything.

Chris, Oren, and the rest of the Mythcreants team

P.S. For anyone else who wants to join our adventuring party, you can make a one-time gift or become our patron.

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