A Strange Economy and Time Traveling Cats

This week we have dystopian scifi tech that isn’t really dystopian, a roleplaying system for kids, and mythbusting for scifi publishing. Yes, and cats. They’re in the culture section.


Legendary Pictures Turned Down a Movie Because Its Main Character Is a Female Action Hero by Jill Pantozzi at The Mary Sue

Film Short about time traveling cats: Dreams Are Real by Katie Akana and Ryan Barger


13th Age RPG delivers an incredible fantasy storytelling experience by Ed Grabianowski at io9

RPGs for Kids: “Castle Death” Revisited by  at Critical Hits

Player Advice: Why Adventure Together by Raging Swan

That One Thing (on NPCs) by  at RPG Blog II

Science & Inspiration

The greatest mystery of the Inca Empire was its strange economy by Annalee Newitz at io9

6 Animals With Sex Lives That Are Weirdly Human by      at

The 6 Most Mismatched Battles Ever Won by Underdogs by  at

How the light gets out: Consciousness is the ‘hard problem’, the mystery that confounds science and philosophy. Has a new theory cracked it? by  at Aeon via  io9


Five Pieces of Dystopian Sci-Fi Tech That Wouldn’t Be So Bad by  at Unreality Magazine

10 TV Episodes that are Endlessly Rewatchable (Part 1) by  at Unreality Magazine

Storyville: Manipulating Your Readers by Richard Thomas at LitReactor

Developing Your DM Brain Attic by Mike Shea at Sly Flourish

Female and Bad to the Bone by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


The 7 Most Common Misconceptions About Science Fiction Publishing by
Charlie Jane Anders at io9

Why is self-publishing still scorned by literary awards? by  at


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