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A Oneshot Review of FAITH

Two Iz'kal aliens from FAITH

Welcome to a little experiment we’re doing here at Mythcreants: recorded one shots. Whenever we review games we aren’t familiar with, we run a one shot first to be sure we know how the game plays. This time we’ve recorded that one shot, so you can hear how we arrived at our conclusions.

This week we’re playing FAITH, a space opera RPG with lasers, space ships, aliens, and space gods. It’s got an ambitious core mechanic and a sprawling setting, but can it hold up to scrutiny? In the story today, our heroes are a team of mercenaries on a secret mission to discover the fate of two lost warships. What they find could lead to a galactic war. Can our heroes thread the needle and stay alive? Listen to find out!

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  1. Fay Onyx

    I really enjoyed this one shot. I think that you should record other review game sessions in the future.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Woot, I’m glad you like it! We have plans to record our next one as well, Unknown Armies, where you’ll also get to hear our character creation.

  2. Fay Onyx

    One of the dynamics in this game that I found to be interesting was the battle mechanic that meant characters could respond to any number of attacks with actions (including attacks).

    The cool effect of that was that it pushed player characters to use a range of different abilities.

    However, it seemed like it had a lot of strange dynamics that it created. For example, the enemy getting less good at responding with each successive action creates an extra strong incentive to focus attention on one person at a time. It also means that the first attack on any opponent carries a lot more risk. In addition, the fact that each player action resulted in a counter attack by an opponent (combined with how deadly the system was) means that there is no point in using a weapon (or any skill) that your character is not super good at (even if it is a remote weapon) because you will draw fire that you can’t handle. It also means that there is a huge incentive for characters to chose a set of weapons that use different skills they are strong in and then just camp out shooting at the enemy. Why dodge when you could just avoid getting shot by shooting them back?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Yeah the various incentives of FAITH are hard to figure out on a single playthrough, but I think you’re right that it creates some weird dynamics.

      • Fay Onyx

        It kinda seems like the sort of incentive system that is fine on an initial play through, but that accidentally privileges some negative dynamics which will increasingly becomes a problem as players learn the system better.

  3. Bellis

    This was super fun! I generally love space opera anyway, but I especially liked this world, with the communist space dolphins versus capitalist space bugs and humans caught in the middle
    It was also interesting that the dolphin-like aliens had the hivemind whereas the insect-like aliens were all about individuality – a nice reversal of the usual trope.

    Despite the time consuming mechanics, y’all made it super entertaining to listen to this!

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