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Oren, Mike, and Chris talk just ten minutes after watching The Last Airbender movie. After they all vent about it from their fainting couches, they go on to gush about the comic series. They discuss how the world of Avatar evolves, and review the strengths and weaknesses of The Legend of Korra.

Spoiler Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the entire Avatar franchise.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:

The Last Airbender

The Promise

The Search

The Rift

Avatar: The Lost Adventures

Why The Legend of Korra Isn’t as Good as We Hoped

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  1. Fay Onyx

    The term you seem to be searching for and dancing around when discussing the romance between Korra and Asami is queerbaiting.

    Wikipedia has a pretty good definition in this quote:

    “Queerbaiting is the practice (mainly in film or television writing) to hint at, but then to not actually depict, a potential same-sex romantic relationship between fictional characters.”

    For some the term queerbaiting mainly applies when the characters are officially straight, but one of the main points of the term is the absence of the depiction of queer sexuality and explicitly queer characters.

    “…through queer-baiting, the creators can appeal to the queer market and ‘avoid the backlash that comes with writing queer characters. In this way they also avoid making any social progress.'”

  2. Saumya Kulp

    If you like Avatar the Last Airbender may I recommend The Dragon Prince on Netflix? It’s a little rocky but the animation of the magic is great, and it’s cocreated by Ehasz.

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