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5 – The Shoe Heard Round the Ship

Star wars space ships

Photo of Dreadnaught model by Jonathan Letham, included in this piece with permission.

This post is 5 in the series: Last Ship of the Republic

Tensions on the Cartographer finally build up to dangerous levels. Tempers flair, secrets are revealed, shoes are thrown! The senior officers must find some way to resolve their issues if the ship is going to survive. The players continue to have way too many dice.

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  1. Fay Onyx

    I’m really enjoying this series!

    I did also want to mentions that the phrase “being down on the totem pole” has racist origins (a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of totem poles, in fact those animals depicted on the bottom often have the most significance) and is one of those phrases to edit out of one’s vocabulary.

  2. Fay Onyx

    I’d be very interested in listening to another campaign by your group. Are you thinking about doing another one some time? Maybe in a different setting?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      While we had fun with this, the amount of time it took to produce and edit means we probably won’t be doing another. Still, glad to know you’re enjoying it.

      • Fay Onyx

        That is a shame to hear, but I definitely understand. Anything that requires editing can take up a lot of effort.

        In my podcast I spend an inordinate about of time working on my dramatized stories. For the episode I’m working on now I spent 90 min recording 43 min of audio which I then cut down to 11min of audio. Then I spend a bunch of time choosing and putting in the effects and music. This discussions are longer but take much less time to produce.

      • Fay Onyx

        If at some point you decide you might have time to run a game like this in a DnD type setting and record it, I might be up for contributing some editing time and labor to the project.

        I would be particularly good at putting in sound effects. Since I do sound effects and music for my own podcast, I’m developing a library of creative commons licensed medieval fantasy sound effects and music that I could apply.

        I think the best example I have is the soundscapes I created for the first part of my Dangerous Company story (an over-compensation for being insecure about presenting older work): http://writingalchemy.net/podcast/episode-9-dangerous-company-part-1-with-guest-tobi-hill-meyer/

        • Oren Ashkenazi

          Thanks for the offer, Fay, we’ll keep it in mind.

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