42 – Using Non-Humans in Stories

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Chris, Mike, and Oren discuss the upsides and downsides of including non-humans in stories. They list their pet peeves with non-human races, and describe works with great or terrible depictions.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes

The Expanse tv show (based on Leviathan Wakes)

Dragonstar roleplaying game



The Parliament of Dreams from Babylon Five

In the Balance by Harry Turtledove

Showtime – Buffy Season 7

Female Dwarves

Elcor in Mass Effect

Discworld Trolls and Dwarfs

The Outcast – Star Trek: TNG

Teen Wolf

Jurrasic Park 4

Warm Bodies

Newsflesh Trilogy

Star Trek: First Contact

Goblins webcomic

Redcloak from Order of the Stick

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  1. Hunter_Wolf

    There is another take on the Post-Zombie world can be seen in the Shawn of the Dead movie (british comedy movie that’s part of a trilogy of seemingly unrelated comedy movies starting with the awesome buddy-cop/mystery spoof Hot Fuzz, which is all kinds of awesome).

    Ahm, back to the zombies, in Shawn of the Dead (which is obviously a spoof of every zombie movie specially Dawn of the Dead, oh and SPOILERS), in the movie’s epilogue after the initial zombie outbreak is over things surprisingly normalize and zombies pretty much become a normal daily thing, to the point of treating them like pets (it could also be seen as comedic commentary regarding how desensitized we became in regards to zombies), and while it was quite a humorous scene it also had some very dark undertones.

    That scene made me wish there were more post-zombie outbreak stories out there that explore what happens after a zombie outbreak, since pretty much all zombie stories focus on the outbreak itself and never go beyond that, so i will seriously consider getting the Newsflesh books (rather than waiting for it to become a movie or a book like the Expanse).

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