Podcast: Roleplaying Session

4 – Family Drama

Star wars space ships

Photo of Dreadnaught model by Jonathan Letham, included in this piece with permission.

This post is 4 in the series: Last Ship of the Republic
In this session of Last Ship of the Republic, the PCs get to reunite with some old friends, or old frenemies, as the case may be. Also, there’s more terrible treatment of workers by the Empire, which you may have noticed is a bit of a theme with this show. And there are blasters, lots of blasters.

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  1. Quinte

    Is this the actual third episode or have fixed episode 3?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      So this is the 4th episode. We goofed and had the file for episode 1 uploaded last time when it should have been episode 3, but that’s fixed now.

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