29 – Narrative Roleplaying Games

The Mythcreant Podcast

Chris, Oren, Mike, and special guest Sarah Gould discuss roleplaying games with mechanics for building a story. They describe the challenges of building stories from games, rant and rave about their favorite and least favorite narrative games, and listen to Oren complain about GM-less games taking his job.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Prime Time Adventures

Five Types of Troublesome Players – and How to Deal With Them

Monster Hearts

Spirit of the Century

Fate Point Economy

Mouse Guard

Burning Empires



The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Mountain Witch (PDF)



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  1. Rand al'Thor

    So yes, I think Mike mentioned this, Weather Sense says that everyone blames you for bad weather. They have an example of good and bad for each trait.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Yeah, but even that only works in very specific situations. Unless you wear a sign around your neck that says “Weather Senser,” people wouldn’t know to blame you unless you had just told them the weather.

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