211 – Romance Mistakes

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Everyone loves a good romance, yet storytellers aren’t that great at depicting them. There are a whole host of technical mistakes that can make a romance boring or annoying, and that’s before you even get into all the ways a romance can be creepy or gross. Don’t worry, we include some solutions for these common problems. We even hault our criticism to mention some positive examples!

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:

Ezri Dax

Julian Bashir

Harry Potter 

Ginny Weasly 

Secret Circle




Throne of the Crescent Moon

Captain Picard

Doctor Crusher





Abductions as Romance


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  1. Sam Victors

    Yeah, not a fan of the Kidnapping Romance genre, not anymore that is.

    Interesting that you brought up Beauty and the Beast, as I have plans for a retelling version of my own; Beauty is a shepherdess who was rescued from wild wolves from a great talking lion with invincible skin. He safely walks her home, and she in turn promised him that she will give him what he wants, swearing her word on it. The Lion’s request? to marry the Shepherdess. Horrified but unable to break her word, she marries the lion and lives with him in his woodland castle. In their bedroom, Beauty prepares to kill the Lion with a knife she smuggled, but as the sun sets, the Lion sheds his skin, revealing himself to be a handsome young Lord. He tells Beauty that only her loyal love can break the curse on him, placed by his wicked stepsister, and makes Beauty promise to never give away the secret or else the curse will never be lifted. The two fall immediately in love, and Beauty enjoys his nightly visits and waits impatiently for time to finish, but overtime she becomes gradually prideful in her savior role, so much that she breaks her promise to the Lion that he is taken away from her by his sorcerous stepsister. The rest of the story is Beauty going on a Redemption Quest/Penance Journey to rescue her Husband, even in the Underworld where she traversed to reclaim his soul.

    This version of mine borrows some elements from Cupid and Psyche, East to the Sun/West to the Moon (older variations of Beauty and the Beast).

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