21 – Anti-Heroes

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Mike, Oren, and Chris are confounded by all-encompassing definition of anti-heroes on TV Tropes. Oren shares his theory that all characters are either boring, anti-heroes, or Captain Picard. Chris asks why there aren’t female anti-heroes that aren’t also antagonists, and Mike describes anti-hero tricksters, templars, and substitutes.

Correction: Mal endangers River by shooting the agent holding her hostage, not Simon. Watch the clip.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:

Man of Steel

Angel from Buffy



Breaking Bad

House of Cards


Once Upon a Time in the West

Faith from Buffy

Kendra from Buffy

Miko from Order of the Stick

Spike from Buffy (Chris was talking about soulful Spike, Mike and Oren were talking about chip-head Spike).

Firefly episodes Serenity and The Train Job.

Odysseus and Achilles



Emperor Palpatine

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  1. AndrewR

    The reason Mal shot the guy holding River hostage without negotiating? Reavers. Whole ship of Reavers. He REALLY didn’t have time to negotiate and neither did anyone else. He can kill one guy (or 2 if River dies) and get the ship off the ground or he can talk, Reavers catch up, EVERYONE dies. Horribly.

  2. Julia

    I’ve been catching up on older podcasts of yours and I really like this one. I think of anti-heroes as protagonists who use shady or sometimes evil means to accomplish what they consider to be worthy goals. (For example Walter White in Breaking Bad becomes a drug dealer to take care of his family after his death.)

    Do you think Arya Stark would be an anti-hero in the latest seasons of Game of Thrones?

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I’m afraid I haven’t seen past the first season of the TV show, but it’s possible! In the book she seemed to be headed in that direction, training to be an assassin and get revenge for her family, no matter if it meant killing people Westeroes really needed to be alive.

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