197 – Supernatural High School Drama

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Pay attention, everyone! Class is now in session, and I hope you have done your homework as well as found a date for prom. That’s right, this week we’re talking about high school, but specifically supernatural stories that take place in high school. We’ll discuss why high school is such an attractive setting, how to mesh magic elements and high school elements, and how you can do a teen focused story with no high school at all. Also, we spend a good five minutes analyzing season two of Stranger Things because there’s always more to draw from that well!

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:

Cyberpunk Podcast

Haunted House Podcast

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

New Charmed

Do College Students Read? 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Harry Potter

How to Create a Rational Magic System

Teen Wolf

The Runaways

Cloak and Dagger (Which Oren called “Black and White” by accident)

The Secret Circle

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