185 – Favorite Video Game Characters

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This may surprise you, but we play video games, and often those video games have characters that we like. But why do we like those characters? What makes a character come off the screen and stick in our memory? That’s what we’re talking about today, plus we reveal the only good part of Mass Effect 3.

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Pillars of Eternity Characters

Cloud Strife

FFIX Characters

FFX Characters

Mass Effect Characters 

Jennifer Hale



Torment: Tides of Numenera Characters

Final Fantasy Tactics

Planescape Torment

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  1. Peter Molnár

    Probably my all-time favourite would be Garrett, from the original Thief trilogy (please don’t mention that laughable reboot). He’s a complex man, a likable if stubborn antihero, not without honour or humour (even if he doesn’t show them too overtly). I like fantasy protagonists (in games as well as other media) who put more stock in their skills and intelligence than brute force or violence, and Garrett is the living embodiment of that. He’s part Phil Marlowe, part Arséne Lupin, a bit of a sly take on Robin Hood. Great voice actor too, who does half of the great work in giving the guy an interesting, gradually fleshed-out personality. And the character stars in probably the most memorable stealth game series ever, setting-, writing- and atmosphere-wise. What’s not to like ?

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