176 – RPG Weapons

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Have you ever wondered why a D&D longsword does 1d8 damage? Or why slings are a simple weapon but repeating crossbows are an exotic weapon? Well, wonder no more, because this week we’re talking about all things related to weapons in roleplaying games. How much damage should they do? How granular should their stats be? Why does balance even matter for these weapons? All that and more, plus a lesson about how you can wield your very own catapult.

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Mage The Ascension

Dark Souls

Blue Rose

Riddle of Steel

Call of Cthulhu

7th Sea


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  1. Kyle Heidtman


    On your podcast feed, this episode has the audio from episode 175 ‘Fight Scenes’. This webpage plays the correct audio though.

  2. Miles

    I’d like to point out that firearms and swords, spears, etc… were used at the same time for a couple hundred years. That being said, having characters use swords when there are machine guns everywhere is silly.

  3. warpstar

    If you want crazy knife throwing rules you should check out Ninja Crusade 2nd edition. There is a starting ability that lets your ninja burst fire multiple kunai like an assault rifle. (it also hurts like one too)

  4. Julia

    I had a D&D character who used a crossbow. It got really frustrating after a while when other characters could do some real damage to an opponent with a sword and I was holding what felt like a pea shooter.

    Maybe I should have gone with a trebuchet.

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