168 – The Importance of Novelty

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Novelty is many things. It is a starship’s fusion plume against a starry night. It is primal forests disappearing into the mysts. It is an engraved silver wand that works wondrous magic. Novelty is critical to storytelling, especially spec fic storytelling, and it’s our topic this week. Joined once again by special guest host Sarah, we discuss what happens when a story doesn’t have enough novelty, how to add novelty, and what stories are already doing a good job.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton. Used with permission.

Show Notes:


Pillars of Eternity

Harry Potter

Human Factor

Red Riding Hood’s Bargain

The Expanse

The Queen of the Tearling


The Martian

The Shannara Chronicles

Sword of Shannara

The Fifth Season

Great Eagles

Lord of the Rings


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Five Underused Settings in Spec Fic

Ancillary Justice

Six Tips For Sequels

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