147 – Stranger Things

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You might have heard about this obscure show from a little startup called “Netflix.” We think that show is going somewhere. One day, it might even be a cult classic, so that’s what we’re talking about today. Get out your VHS tapes and your big hair, because we’re gonna turn the podcast upside down.

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  1. K.J

    I am so sorry, but I had to watch stranger things twice before I noticed Hopper was like a relevant character, I sort of missed the flashbacks so I didn’t connect with him, and the character seemed like he was phoning it in, like David was doing a pretty good job, its just that I didn’t care about Hopper until the waffle scene.

    Then in season two me and my mom started calling him Homer, cause the character started to seem like he cared and was trying even if he wasn’t good at this, and now I care about him.

    also I’m pretty sure the idea is that the cut off for his understanding of kids is age 7, cause when re-watching it seems like the extent of his experience as parent level adult, is his daughter who mind you died very early. raising small child to slightly older child, is pretty different from adopting a super-powered 13 year old, who’s only real experience with adults has been varying levels of ambivalence, abuse, or unawareness

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