13 – Existential Horror in Doctor Who

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Mike, Oren and Chris speak in depth about Doctor Who (2005) episodes that terrify by forcing audiences to question reality. They discuss the real life fears that make this brand of horror effective, and how Doctor Who combines them with time travel to create incredibly riveting stories.

Spoilers: Episodes listed below.

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Opening and closing theme: The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton

Episodes Mentioned

Empty Child – Series 1, Episode 9

Blink – Series 3, Episode 10

Silence in the Library (Part 1) – Series 4, Episode 8

Forest of the Dead (Part 2) – Series 4, Episode 9

The Time of the Angels (Part 1) – Series 5, Episode 4

Flesh and Stone (Part 2) – Series 5, Episode 5

The Impossible Astronaut – Series 6, Episode 1

Day of the Moon – Series 6, Episode 2

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